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Fleabag is sitting. Bored. She grabs a paper and looks at it. We see a gratuitous picture of a half-naked women in an advert for mortgages. Next to it there is an article which reads: Has the word “feminism” become dirty? She raises her eyebrows. She looks up and catches the eye of a man who is looking at her over his paper. She looks at the camera and raises her eyebrows slightly. He pulls his paper down and reveals that he has a REALLY tiny mouth with very large front teeth. Close up of the mouth. Fleabag subtly looks at the camera and does an impression of his tiny mouth. She quickly looks down. She tries not to smile and we can see she is trying to let her eyes flick to us in amusement. He looks down. She looks down. They both look up at the same time. A couple of people are noticing. Smiling too. It’s all eyes flicking and subtle grinning. Fleabag grimaces slightly. Bus Rodent smiles at her. She smiles back. He smiles at her again. She smiles back again. Someone presses the button. They both stand up at the same time. They do a little awkward laugh at each other. They stand next to each other.
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